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Meeting the Young Farming Champion

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Sustainability within the Australian agricultural industry, specifically the sheep wool industry, will continue to develop for the future generations as we constantly face the challenge to maintain productivity while also achieving this through environmentally friendly methods. Understanding the importance as well as implementing sustainable farming into fragile industries and rural communities is of prime importance.

We were able to get in touch with a Young Farming Champion, Anika Molesworth, via a Skype call, in which she discussed the effects of climate change on far western NSW and gave us insights on her view on how to tackle the issue as the young generation.

Meet Anika Molesworth, “Founder of Climate Wise Agriculture”, the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, 2017 NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and most recently the NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability!

We could all definitely sense her strong passion towards her agricultural work as she educated our team with her amazing presentation on how us, as individuals, could make a difference to climate change with our social, political and consumer influence. We also looked into the importance of biosecurity, the effects of climate change on a global scale and the sustainable strategies that her family has adopted into their station, such as having a specific breed of sheep which not only had high tolerance to the dry conditions, but also produced less methane. If you're interesting in the full content that we went through with Anika click here to view the transcript (legit took us 10 years to type it).

Anika Molesworth has definitely increased our knowledge on climate change and we are extremely thankful to have the chance to meet such an inspiring person.

As well as motivating us to make a change Anika also ignited our creative minds of possible features that we could include on Archie! 😉

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